Bali in Indonesia is, of course, one of the most loved islands on earth by tourists and due to this reason, it can no longer be called an untouched paradise. Bali is crowded regardless of seasons, but a visit is all worth it whatsoever.


Image by: moritzklassen  via pixabay | CC0

Know where you are going to be based

Decide on where you are going to be based in Bali according to your intentions. If your intention is to spend a luxury holiday filled with good shopping experiences and so on, Seminyak Resorts match you the best, and it’s like that.

Always expect crowds and traffic

During the rainy season that falls from January to April and from October tom November, Bali is comparatively less crowded, and the resort rates are also less. But generally, Bali roads always have terrific traffic jams, and you get used to it after some while.

Think about the environment

If you visit resorts such as Katamama, you will realize that they are extremely environmentally friendly. So, make sure you don’t throw away the plastic water bottles that you use here and there, and help Bali to stay clean.

Be vigilant of the stray animals

In Bali, Stray dogs can be found everywhere and if you are a dog lover, you may even feel sorry for them. In addition to the dogs, in Bali, you can see many monkeys too.


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