Luxury is something that everyone loves to enjoy even when travelling around the world. But it often increases the environmental footprint. Is there any solution for this?

Sustainable luxury travel – the idea

So, if you could travel freely without harming the environment or society, this can be called ‘sustainable travelling’. Doing this without having to sacrifice the ‘luxury’ element is called ‘sustainable luxury travelling’.

How the hotels could contribute?

Did you know that many properties including Emporium Suites by Chatrium already follow sustainable practices? When you to this 5-star Bangkok hotel, you’ll realize that its garbage disposal mechanism is next-level and that they try their level best to go eco-friendly.

Encourage the micro-level businesses

Garbage disposal
Garbage disposal | Image via Unsplash

Once you head to a new destination, stop looking for high-end shopping malls and shops to buy the stuff you need. Buy goods from the local business community (small and medium enterprises) and lend them a helping hand. Help to empower them!

Everyone can work for it

Sustainable travel is not just the responsibility of the traveller and the hotel. Travel agents, suppliers, and everyone have direct responsibility. If this is done right, the future will undoubtedly be beautiful.