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Edo Castle – Recalling the Days of the Shogun!

Steeped in history, Edo Castle is very much a part of Japan’s rich heritage and is definitely worth visiting when in the capital. While this famous site can be found in the Chiyoda area of the city, those heading to the capital should look to find centrally located Tokyo accommodation that lets you easily access the many attractions on offer. Somerset Azabu East Tokyo is one such serviced apartment Tokyo has to offer and is within easy reach of local subway stations giving you access to a host of places of interest. Make sure to head to Chiyoda where you will find Edo Castle which dates back to the mid 15th century. Used by shoguns, Edo Castle still has elements from its former grandeur including ramparts, moats, ancient walls and the main gate. As you walk around the castle grounds it is easy to get lost in thought and imagine what life would have been like in days of old. Here you will also find the Imperial Palace, the Kitanomaru-Koen Park and Higashi Gyoen Park offering a unique insight into the rich heritage of the nation.

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