The residence of the king is always worth an exploration. Anywhere in the world, the grandeur of this location is akin to no other structure in that particular nation. In Thailand, the picture is no different. The Chitraladarahotarn Palace stands with all its glory as one of the most spectacular buildings in the nation. Although it is closed to the public, a mere glance is enough to take in the magnificence of this building and fathom the many wonders that lie within its royal gates.

The Chitraladarahotarn Palace is the royal residence of his Majesty King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit. In addition to housing the two most prominent persons in Thailand, the palace has historic roots that go back several years. Built by the great King Rama VI, the palace emulates an unmatched architectural splendor. For many years the palace also served as King Chulaongkorn’s summer home and this really comes as no surprise for the palace is surrounded by 1km of natural and man-made wonders. Several artificial lakes bordered by unique Italian-styled walls and a fountain on each corner of the palace are some of the adorning features of the grounds. The fountains in particular are almost a symbol of this palace and are surrounded by several baroque figures from Thai mythology. The Chitraladarahotarn Palace with all its wonders gives one a glimpse into the tastes of the Thai rulers. But its beauty is not its only virtue, for it is the home of several organisations funded by the government that looks into the welfare of the Thai population. Within the complex you can also find the Chitralada School. Although it was originally constructed for the royal descendents, today it admits the children of the palace staff and certain outsiders as well. The school has classrooms from kindergarten up to the 12th grade.

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