Tunisia is a small country and thus very easy to go travelling in. This added to wonderful weather all year round and comfortable Tunisia holiday resorts make this less travelled country the perfect place to go on holiday with young children in tow.

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Image by: clareich via pixabay| CC0

Turquoise Tunis

Tunisia is filled with beautiful turquoise beaches which is what makes it rather popular among the tourists that choose to visit. But arriving in the country will help you discover that there is much more to the country than its beaches, even though they are very beautiful.

Camel Riding in the Desert

The children would love camel riding through the desert, and you don’t have to go too far, but a visit to the desert and allowing them to hang around the animals for a bit is an experience that they won’t forget easily. You can also take the opportunity to introduce older children to quad bikes. It’s a great way to see a lot of dramatic landscapes.

Haggle in the Souks

Visit the old city of Madinah and be transported back in time. Become bedazzled by the ceramics on display in the souks and ask your children to try their hands at haggling.


Visit the historical wonder of Carthage, which is just 16 minutes by car, from the nearby The Residence Tunis by Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts. It will teach children a lot about trade ports and the Phoenician Republic.


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