The word ‘green’ actually refers to Saiq Plateau that’s located 2000m about sea level. This draw for tourists has given rise to resorts such as Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort around the area – one looking for an Oman resort isn’t faced with a challenge.

Philipp WeigellJebel Akhdar viewCC BY 3.0

The location

A two-hour drive from Muscat is the Green Mountain. A tonic for the summer heat, the locals visit the mountain during summertime – the greenery in the area regulates the seasonal heat.

Getting there

Tourists can get there in a four-wheel-drive – a four-wheel-drive incidentally is a must. Also, the vehicle shouldn’t be overloaded. The roads are thoroughly maintained, and the drive is quite comfortable.


The rainfall in March gives cause for Damask roses to bloom. Pomegranates and apricots are found in abundance too.

The temperature

The temperature at the mountainside is mild. The interval between December and March is the coolest of the year – the temperature drops to five degrees and hailstones are not a rare occurrence during this period.


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