Sri Lanka is not just about culture and heritage. But, about so much more! It’s a destination that you must visit at least once in your life.

Pristine beaches

It’s an island nation. So, there’s no wonder that this country has the best of all beaches. Be it just for relaxing by, or for water adventures, these beaches offer ideal platforms.

Amazing outdoor adventures

Be it biking or white-water rafting, Sri Lanka offers the best of all outdoor adventures. Once you go to the hill country, you may enjoy many hikes that you’ll never forget in your lives.

Ahamed rasheedHikers in Narangala Sri LankaCC BY-SA 4.0

Delicious dishes

Sri Lanka has a unique culinary style. Every local dish you’ll find here will be full of spices, but you’ll fall in love with them for sure.

The best of hospitality

Sri Lankans, by origin, is a very pleasant community of people. They’ll welcome you with a wide smile even if they don’t know you and respect you regardless of where you are from. Even when you go to one of the Pasikuda beach hotels the likes of Amethyst Passikudah, you’ll just realize that Sri Lankan hospitality is unbeatable for real.