Located in the heart of the warm Indian waters, Sri Lanka is popular as one of the greatest travel destinations of all time. Here are a few not to be missed things.

Marawila | Image by cvandega via flickr

Relax in Colombo

Start your journey from the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Pettah is the best place to delve into the city’s cultural diversity! With chaotic markets and crowded streets, a walk along the multi-ethnic Pettah area will give you a chance to mix and mingle with locals. These busy streets are lined with markets selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and even saris.

Sightseeing in Kandy

Sprawling mountain ranges, colonial buildings, magnificent Kandyan-inspired architecture, the meandering Kandy Lake and lush forests completed this eye-catching city. Since it is nearly three hours away from the capital city of Colombo, many leisure travellers love to spend time here to explore exceptional historical and cultural attractions.

Look up your favourite beaches

From eastern and northern beaches to southern shorelines, you’ll come across plenty of pristine beaches offering beauty and exhilarating experiences to spice up your vacation. Look up each of these beaches before deciding where to begin your journey. Coastal towns in Weligama, Mirissa, and Marawila attract a plethora of tourists for surfing and whale watching. For instance, if you are staying at one of the many Marawila hotels the likes of Amagi Beach, it is an 8-minute walk to the beach.

Climb Pidurangala

Climbing Sigiriya Rock is one of the top reasons why many tourists travel to Sri Lanka. While the Lion Rock speaks volumes of rich culture and dramatic features like Mirror Wall and Lion’s Paw, Pidurangala rock has a natural feel. The summit of Pidurangala is famous for its dramatic sunrise. Enjoy 360-degree views of Sigiriya!