Blessed with some of the best beaches in the world, a vacation in paradise archipelago is likely to cost more than your average beach getaway. Here’s why the high price tag shouldn’t deter visitors.

The Water Sports

Parasailing| Img via Unsplash

As one of the main reasons why tourists head to the Maldives in the first place, one cannot argue with the archipelago’s reputation as a water sports Mecca for the masses. Offering travellers ideal weather and water conditions to engage in their favourite water-bound activities, the plethora of water sports accessible in the island nation is not limited to surfing and parasailing. From banana boating, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and windsurfing to cruising around on jet skis, there’s no such thing as a water-based activity that’s off-limits in the Maldives. That’s why the Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences and nearly every other venue offering Maldives resorts packages also promote an array of water-bound adventures.

The Marine Life

Home to more coral species than is found anywhere else on the planet, it should come as no surprise that one of the country’s main attributes is its rich marine heritage. The underwater landscapes of the Maldives are no less spectacular than what’s above ground as dolphins, whales, sharks, manta rays, barracudas and countless other fish species occupy its sea beds.

It May Disappear

As one of the world’s lowest-lying island nations, the Maldives has been under the threat of complete submersion for decades. With global warming and other climatic disasters driving up seawater levels, it may be a matter of time before these captivating isles are lost t the world forever.