Are you interested in knowing more about Tanjungpinang? For starters, this is the capital city of the Indonesian province of the Riau Islands. Due to its strategic location of being on the India-China trade route, it has a history that traces back to the 3rd Century AD.

Where is it?

Despite being very closely located in Singapore, Bintan is one of many islands which form the grand archipelago of Indonesia. Tanjungpinang is located towards the south of the island and is one of the more developed and cosmopolitan areas.

Where Can You Stay

bintan resort
bintan resort | Image via wiki media commons

With many Bintan hotels to choose from, those who visit this island are spoiled for choice. Resorts such as The Residence Bintan are a wonderful retreat for those looking for a beachside escape and a lovely holiday.

Origins of the Name

The name of Tanjungpinang was inspired by a beach tree that is found here. This particular tree was unique in how it juts into the sea. The trees on this island served as guideposts for travellers trying to reach Bintan and was the inspiration for the name of this city.

Ruled by Many

Tanjungpinang has been besieged by many nations and rulers over the past centuries. It has been subject to the rules of Sumatra, Malacca and even Dutch, British and Japanese rule as well. This has shaped the culture of Tanjungpinang making it a diverse and multi-cultural city.