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Wat Phra Yai- the golden wonder

Famed for pristine beaches with plenty of coconut fronds along, Samui is one of the main tourist destinations in Thailand. Apart from the sea, sand and sun the temple Wat Phra Yai grabs the attention of travellers and locals alike as it houses one of the biggest Buddha statues in the world.
This amazing golden replica of Lord Buddha pervades the land as well as the sky with its splendour and tranquillity. The enormous statue is 12 metres high and sits inside the temple grounds giving the temple its name “Big Buddha”. This marvellous Buddha statue is one that has long been drawing hordes of curious of visitors.

The view from the temple is so spectacular that many tourists visit it at sunset as it gives stunning photo opportunities. Besides the mesmerizing Buddha statue the stairway that leads the way to the statue is also noteworthy. The serpent called Naga is carved on to the stairway to give a more authentic element to the temple. The serpent sculptured beneath the Buddha symbolizes Lord Buddha subduing Mara, in other words, the Buddha not giving in to temptations.

The view from the viewing platform is captivating as it offers picturesque views of the surrounding beaches and the island of Koh Phangan to the North. At night the temple is simply breathtaking as it gets lit up by spotlights, giving the statue of Buddha a magical manifestation against the beautiful ocean.
There is also a meditation centre in the temple that will help you reach mental bliss. The Buddhist devotees honour this temple as they believe paying a visit to it will grant their wishes while respecting the Lord Buddha. There are also shops, stalls and restaurants are in the vicinity at your service.

While you explore the beautiful city of Samui, residing at a Samui resort will be the best option. When searching a Samui hotel it is important to find the ideal hotel that caters to all your holiday requirements. Hence try the amazing Anantara Bophut Koh Samui that offers a pleasurable experience to travellers within their luxurious premises. So head over to Samui and indulge in an authentic Thai experience.

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world. Google+

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