Behind its glitzy façade, there are several misconceptions about this modern city in the UAE that boasts of some of the best 4-star hotels in Dubai.

You have to be a millionaire – Misleading!

Although Dubai is considered one of the most expensive destinations in the world, it is quite possible to enjoy Dubai on a budget. The city just brims with street food that caters to low budgets and riding the metro doesn’t cost more than 4 Dirhams (to travel in two zones).

Dubai is devoid of culture – Inaccurate!

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai does have culture underneath its modern façade filled with towering skyscrapers and magnificent shopping destinations. Beyond the bling, you’ll find an opulent heritage that blends the ancient Bedouin, Arab, and Islamic traditions.

You have to fully-cloth yourself – Untrue!

With expatriates making up a considerable portion of its population, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that flourishes with various glamorous and ancient traditions that sit side by side. There’s no need for you to cover up your head, shoulders, or knees; you can also freely wear your favourite bikini at the beach or your hotel such as Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel Dubai.

Alcohol is prohibited – Not!

Unlike most of its neighbouring countries, Dubai is a place where you get licensed restaurants and bars selling alcohol.