It is advisable to follow the rules, restrictions, norms, and conventions of the country when you’re spending your vacation at a new destination – especially in the Maldives. Although there are many Maldives resort establishments where you can spend your days in a carefree manner, if you’re staying at a guesthouse at one of the local islands, there are few guidelines of which you should be aware.

Dress Code

The Maldives is a country that is based on strict Islamic faith; thus, care needs to be exercised, particularly in relation to how you dress on local islands. While it is fine for males to wear swim shorts, females shouldn’t offend natives by wearing swimwear such as bikinis. However, these clothing can be worn in the comforts of your private resorts such as Kurumba Maldives.

Image Credit: Kurumba Maldives

Consumption of Alcohol

Being Muslim, Maldivians aren’t allowed to drink alcohol. Therefore, you wouldn’t find any alcohol available in the local islands, even in the capital of the country. Hence, you should keep in mind to refrain from bringing alcohol into the country, as they will be confiscated at the airport. However, many luxury resorts may have alcohol readily available for their guests.

Pork is Forbidden

Islam rejects the idea of consuming pork so you shouldn’t probably expect bacon strips for breakfast at these islands. Instead, you can try a traditional Maldivian dish that would surely make you appreciate the island cuisine.

Meeting and Greeting

Handshakes are common when meeting locals for the first time. Greetings between males and females shouldn’t include any physical contact – a nod or a slight bow would be sufficient.