Shaped by the influences of Swahili, Bantu, and Portuguese colonisers, The culture of Mozambique is vibrant and unique. if you are planning to visit here anytime soon, read on to know about some of the unique attributes of the culture of this amazing country!


There are several ethnic groups in Mozambique the main ones are namely Tsonga, Makhuwa, Makonde, Shona, ShangaanNdau, and Sena, there is quite a large population of other indigenous groups as well. About 57% of the people in Mozambique are Christians, 20% of them are Muslims the rest of the population includes indigenous Africans and who follow other beliefs.


The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese and English is spoken in major cities. Other languages spoken here include Xichangana, Emakhuwa, Elomwe, Cisena, Echuwabo and many others.


When it comes to art in Mozambique, music has a prominent role in Mozambique’s vibrant culture, there are plenty of musical instruments that are endemic to the country and most of them are made with natural resources – mainly from animal skin, horns and bones. They are also skilled in making handicrafts, masks and sculptures.


With the use of unique and locally sourced ingredients, Mozambique cuisine is extremely healthy and appetising. Fish is a quintessential item in the national diet and the meals usually composed of a main starchy dish accompanied by other condiments. Travellers could enjoy properly made local cuisine by planning a stay at Mozambique Resorts the likes of Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort.