Thailand is one of those places on earth lucky enough to have been given a heavenly tropical climate! It certainly is perfect the ultimate getaway for those in need of some relaxation, the adventurers and even the culture and history buffs. But then again it is important that you visit at just the right time in order to fully enjoy your stay.

Songkran Festival
Songkran Festival | Image Credit : JJ Harrison (, Songkran 11 – Ayutthaya, CC BY-SA 3.0

The weather

The month of June brings in the rains in Thailand. It only gets worse as the months progress towards October where the weather is at its absolute worst. The weather begins to get better in March, gradually on the rise, temperatures reach its hottest in April.

Festivities in Thailand

Thailand has a festival for almost every month of the year. But it is at its best in February. Why you ask? Most of the population here are Chinese and therefore, the Chinese New Year is celebrated on a grand scale here. Another festival worth witnessing here is the Songkran festival in April.

The best timing

If you are in search of the perfect weather to relax, then the ideal time to visit would be from November to February. For those who like to explore the culture of Thailand, the best time to visit would be in February or April. Don’t worry it’s not all about the high prices here, the budget travellers should probably visit during the rainy season. Thailand can be enjoyed either way after all!

Other information

It’s always better to try to make hotel bookings well in advance so that you will have the benefit of quite a big discount. Think out of the box when it comes to experiences in Thailand and try out a Mekong cruise with accommodation providers like Mekong Kingdoms.

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