Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is a bustling city located in the Western Province. Home to many of government offices, embassies, and attractions, Colombo is the hub of Sri Lanka’s political and cultural activity. Over the years the city has grown into a thriving centre of business activity and culture, making it a great tourist destination. A Colombo hotel which has a reputation for luxury service and offering a taste of the legendary Sri Lankan hospitality is Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo.

One of the most iconic attractions in Colombo, which showcases the culture, history and arts of Sri Lanka, is the Colombo National Museum. Established in 1877, the Colombo National Museum is the largest museum of Sri Lanka and houses a large collection of relics, artifacts and arts accumulated over Sri Lanka’s long and illustrious history. This museum is a great place to visit to understand the rich culture and heritage of Sri Lanka, and also to take in the beauty of the arts and crafts of Sri Lanka.

Located in Colombo 07, the Colombo National Museum is housed in a large white building of exquisite architectural beauty. At the Colombo Museum you will get a chance to see relics of Sri Lanka’s past, such as the throne and crown of the last kings of Sri Lanka, a host of ancient weaponry, clothing and jewelry items used by Sri Lankans over the ages, various ancient implements and tools, and many other day-to-day items used by Sri Lankan since the ancient times. The museum is also home to some great works of art such as intricate statues, beautiful paintings, stunning wood and ivory carvings, and a host of decorative masks. In addition to this, there is also an exhibition on traditional puppets and many art displays, portraying the artistic prowess of Sri Lankans past and present.

The Colombo National Museum is a hub of history, culture and art, and is thus well worth a visit by anyone who visits the island of Sri Lanka.

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