To go to Thailand and not experience the country’s most harped about Thai massages would be a shame. So, to flex those muscles the traditional way and to escape in to a soothing feeling while in this magical country plan to have a Thai Massage in Advance at a great spot in Koh Phangan.

Traditional Thai massage houses in this area provide professional, safe and relaxing treatments. The treatments are performed by skilled, well trained spa therapists and masseuses. These houses offer a tranquil environment to indulge in a few hours of bliss and are beautifully built encompassing nature.

Most travelers keep visiting the area several days in a row, in order to indulge in these traditional massages. This experience has thus far been an integral part of the holiday experience offered in the area. Several resorts situated in the area, provides easy access to most of the treatment houses. When you are tired of the numerous sightseeing tours and the endless travelling in this gorgeous country A Thai massage is the perfect way to pamper yourself .Surrounded by meditative music and the aroma of frangipani and other authentic Thai scents these treatments are purely heavenly.

Several Koh Phangan Hotels provide affordable accommodation to the ever increasing number of travelers to the area, The Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa is a heavenly spa hotel situated here that provides these amazing Thai treatments in house while also being situated idyllically within easy reach of most of these traditional massage houses. Among other Koh Phangan Resorts in the area this hotel is a popular choice owing to its authentic Thai feel. The Hotel effortlessly blends with it’s breathtaking natural surroundings and offers impeccable service standards within it’s contemporary designed spaces. With signature spa packages that calm and serenade your senses, the Anantara Rasananda Spa provides a blissful atmosphere to relax in.

Whether you choose sweet lavender, lemon grass or Ylang ylang to restore your energy and release those muscles through these deeply relaxing messages, they will no doubt help you carry peaceful memories from your journey to this gorgeous tropical country.