As the world reopened its doors to travel, the spotlight turned to the enchanting destination of Bentota in Sri Lanka.┬áIn 2023, Bentota emerged as a must-visit destination, promising an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. Delve into the wonders that make Bentota a jewel in Sri Lanka’s crown.

Cultural Marvels

Beyond the beaches, Bentota reveals its cultural treasures. Explore the Lunuganga Estate, the former home of renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, where lush gardens and architectural splendours create a mesmerising ambience. The nearby Brief Garden adds another layer to Bentota’s culture, showcasing artistry amidst tropical landscapes.

Breathtaking Beaches and Water Adventures

Bentota boasts some of Sri Lanka’s most breathtaking beaches, complimented by the finest luxury villas in Sri Lanka at properties such as Bentota No 1. The golden sands of Bentota Beach invite strolls and relaxation, while the azure waters open up a realm of water adventures. The coastline is a playground for all, from thrilling water sports like jet-skiing and windsurfing to tranquil boat rides along the Bentota River.

Turtle Hatcheries and Conservation Efforts

bentota turtle hatchery
Bentota turtle hatchery – Image via Flickr

Set off on a journey of conservation at Bentota’s turtle hatcheries. Witness the efforts to protect these gentle creatures and release hatchlings into the ocean, contributing to the preservation of Sri Lanka’s marine biodiversity.