Dubai city itself has garnered worldwide attention for its standing as a major tourist attraction, sheltering animals, places, and plants, that once were thought impossible to achieve in a desert. Dubai Butterfly Garden, surrounded by radiant shades of flora and fauna in the form of butterflies is one such instance.

Balou46, VAE-dubai-butterfl-03, CC BY-SA 4.0

What is It?

Located only 15 minutes from Avani Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites, Dubai Butterfly Garden can be reached easily and swiftly from many a hotel near Palm Jumeirah. The Dubai Butterfly Garden hosts a wide array of winged creatures that roam about, capturing global attention to be claimed as the “World’s Largest Covered Butterfly Garden”. The garden sits next to Dubai Miracle Garden and therefore will be an easy switch from one checklist site to another.


Where to Dine

Sightseeing alone cannot satiate some of your cravings. Do not fret as Dubai Butterfly Garden is equipped with a variety of food outlets to suit your needs. From a food kiosk to Starbucks Coffee, the garden’s supply of fresh juices, candy and ice cream are limitless and will be the ideal chill on a sunny day’s visit. Other notable outlets include souvenir shops; although they do not offer food, a little something to take home as a memento cannot be ignored.


An Educational Visit

A visit to Dubai Butterfly Garden is not only one that pleases the eye but can be proven educational for children and adults alike. These educational sessions include comprehensive learning of a butterfly’s life cycle as well as opportunities to recognise and spot the many species of butterflies that have found a home at the Dubai Butterfly Garden.


Hosting Events

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is not only a botanical space. It also functions as the perfect garden space for tour agencies and academic visits. These group bookings are often rewarded with discounted entry fees for visits scheduled between Sunday and Thursday from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Other facilities include hosting weddings, birthdays and even corporate building activities within the premises.