Dubai is frequently used as a transit city. Visitors arrive by air, stay for one or two nights, and then continue by air to their final location. The city is more complex than its well-known picture would have you believe. Dubai is an intriguing, multicultural metropolis that merits much more than just a brief layover. This Dubai travel guide will teach you how to maximize your time there while also saving money.

Wander the Marina

Dubai Marina | Image by Ling Tang via unsplash

The marina area is built of a lovely panoramic boardwalk and is surrounded by lofty skyscrapers. Numerous posh yachts, stunning residences, and bars and restaurants with harbor views may be found here. Check out Pier 7, which has seven storeys of waterfront restaurants and bars.

Hit the malls

Dubai’s malls are unique compared to malls elsewhere in the world. The city currently has approximately 65 malls, and more are on the way. Mall visits are really popular here! There is a ton to see and do between the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. At the Mall of the Emirates, there is an upscale shopping, nightly fountain displays, an aquarium with a walk-through, a 360-degree underwater tunnel, and even indoor skiing.

Visit the Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is close by in Abu Dhabi, is unquestionably worthwhile for a half-day excursion. The mosque and its surrounding gardens cover more than 30 acres and were built between 1996 and 2007. Nearly all of the mosque’s exterior is white, giving it an extremely regal appearance. It’s just a 30 min drive away from hotel suites in Dubai such as the popular Oaks Liwa Heights.

Explore Old Dubai

Dubai as it once was, can be seen here. Small businesses line the streets, there are numerous markets (including the well-known gold market), and there are numerous passageways where you can get lost. Take a traditional wooden boat called an abra across Dubai Creek to Deira, where you can meander aimlessly through the streets, eat at some of the local eateries, visit the art sector, and get a glimpse of Dubai as it isn’t illuminated by stores and skyscrapers.