Singapore, a shining gem of the Eastern Asian subcontinent, is a place full of wonder, full of discovery and full of memories to be made. Founded as a British trading colony in the 1800s, the country has since established itself as a global powerhouse of commerce and trade. It’s also agreed to be one of the most popular places to visit in the world, thanks to its reputation as one of the safest and cleanest places in the globe. Therefore, there is an abundance of experiences to be discovered and embarked upon, with attractions for people from all walks of life.

Orderinchaos, Singapore food – Tian Tian chicken rice Nov 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Try The Local Cuisine

The country of Singapore is bursting to the seams with delicious food from all around the world. From world-famous restaurants belting out world-class dishes to the street food hawkers serving up the favourites of the city. Truly, there are some local dishes that absolutely shouldn’t be skipped out on. Consider trying out some Laksa, a popular noodle dish that blends Chinese and Malay flavours, or the Chilli Crab, so popular that it’s considered one of the country’s national dishes!

Indulge in some Shopping

Universally considered a shopper’s paradise, there are options for every budget, for every kind of purchase you could think to make. Try your hand at one of the very many shopping malls, or perhaps stop by a high-end designer store for your pick of the glitz and glamour. If you’re looking for knick-knacks and souvenirs, perhaps drop in at Chinatown or Little India. With so many choices, it’s a worthwhile detour from your choice of accommodation at some choice of 3-star hotels in Singapore.

Cultural Advice for Singapore

A significant portion (up to 40%!) of the residents in Singapore have either lived abroad or were born there, bringing about a wonderful merging of cultures and people. Known as one of the most religiously diverse countries as well, you can see many observances tied to Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and even Taoist beliefs. As the melting pot of Singapore goes on, you’ll discover that its history as a trading port for Colonial Britain ensured the adoption of the English language wherever you go – convenient for those visiting. Take this into account the next time you’re looking for a hotel.

Getting Around the Country

One of the easiest cities in Asia to travel around, the immaculate public transportation services, world-class international airport, and beautiful state of the city makes it a pleasure to get around. You’ll be able to reach almost anywhere with relative ease – be it travelling from your lodgings at an establishment like the Travelodge Harbourfront, or your destination to the next most interesting hotspot of the country.