Given how stressful moving and shifting all your belongings may be it is sometimes better to consider the better alternative to regular hotels, the long term stays hotels.

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Enjoy the homey atmosphere

If you are looking for an extended stay due to work and you are looking for a homey atmosphere, then this option is the one for you. With cosy bedroom suites as well as luxurious hot tubs this is the place to be!
These form a collection of serviced apartments such as the ones that can be found at some of the Discover ASR locations around the world.

The best place for business meetings

Given that you are travelling for work, there is a high chance that you will need to have a lot of meetings. Additionally, as the level of amenities and comforts offered at these accommodations are almost luxurious, there is nothing to worry about!

It’s about space

Furthermore, there is a lot of space at these properties, so you never have to worry about being cramped into a small space.

Time to exercise

These locations also have great gyms so that you never have to worry about commuting to exercise!