Ocsi143, Colombo-skyline, CC BY-SA 4.0

The commercial capital of Sri Lanka and the heart of the nation’s business and entertainment sectors, Colombo is a tourist-friendly destination.

One of the great features of Colombo is that it is great for shopping. Along Galle Road, Colombo’s main trunk road, there are numerous small shops and departments stores offering a wide range of goods and other services. One of the best places to visit for a one of a kind shopping experience is Pettah. Pettah is a large commercial area set in a network of interconnected streets which are full of shops offering goods both in bulk and in retail. These busy streets are known for having shops offering cheap items ranging from clothing material, stationary, plastic goods, metal ware, toys, bags and luggage, and footwear. Pettah is famous for its bargaining culture, so you can be sure to work out some great deals. Other shopping landmarks include Crescat Boulevard, Majestic City, Arcade – Independence Square, ODEL, Orchard Shopping Complex, the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, House of Fashion, and the Liberty Plaza Shopping Complex.

Colombo is also home to many amazing restaurants and bars. Offering cuisines such as Chinese, Western, Italian, German, Indian and traditional Sri Lankan, Colombo is dotted with many amazing restaurants. Many 5 star hotels in Colombo such as the One Galle Face have their own signature restaurants which are great for enjoying exquisite meals. Colombo also has a decent nightlife. Apart from the above-mentioned lounges, there are a few nifty nightclubs which are very popular. During the weekends try and make your way to nightclubs such as Floor by O and Disques, which are usually packed with young people. The night clubs operate till approximately 4.00am on special nights, so you can be assured that you can party all night long while in Colombo.

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