Travelling around Oman gives the enthusiastic tourist a rare opportunity of experiencing the kingdom of the Arabs, keeping aside the lens of wealth that is usually associated with the country. Beneath its wealthy façades exist the serene fishing towns and wind-blown deserts, exploring which is considered as the best activities in Oman.

Oman| Img via Pxfuel


Best Time to Travel

The period between October and February are considered the best time to visit Oman. It is the winter in Oman when the temperatures range between 20-25°C.

Travel Visa

Although travelling to Oman is easy, many nationalities including Americans and Europeans need to obtain an eVisa before arriving at the Oman airport; however certain nationalities are exempted from this rule and can obtain a visa upon their arrival, particularly the GCC countries.

Language Boundaries

Many Omanis speak at least a bit of English so it wouldn’t be much of a problem to communicate with locals and find your way around to preferred destinations from many Oman hotels. The country also houses a massive international population including Indians and Philippines who speak fluent English.

Safety Concerns

Oman is one of the safest countries in the Middle East – even for solo travellers including females! Although the country doesn’t have any rivals or conflicts with the neighbouring countries such as Saudi Arabia, it is considered prudent to avoid the borders separating these countries.