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Dubai Helicopter Tours 

The world famous tourist destination Dubai never seizes to amaze enthusiastic travellers. Dotted with majestic mosques, historical sites, grand shopping malls and modern architectural marvels including soaring skyscrapers, the city is a sightseer’s paradise. Take part in an exciting helicopter tour, enjoying a bird’s eye…


Sightseeing in London 

Having gained the prestigious titles as one of the greatest and most visited cities in the world, London is resplendent in its multi-cultural harmony. Popularly referred to as a ‘world in one city’, it is a melting pot of various ethnicities, having experienced a rapid…


Duke Energy Convention Centre 

The redesigned and refurbished Duke Energy Conservation Centre is spread over an expanse of seven hundred and fifty thousand square feet. The centre had different spaces allocated for exhibiting for business meetings and entertainment areas. Boasting the most spectacular and largest ballroom in the entire…


Arabic Hammam 

Known as Arab Baths, an Arabic Hammam is the term given to public baths. These baths have great historical and architectural importance and were constructed near mosques so that devotees could purify themselves before heading into the place of worship. They also became spots where…