Yala National park is situated 260 km south-east of Colombo and gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity of getting up close and personal with raw nature.

Nights at Yala

If you’re the kind to seek a bit of adventure and love nature at the same time, then we’ve got the ideal option for you. Spending a night surrounded by the trees and the wild at Yala is probably an ideal way to explore the animal kingdom and gain an unforgettable experience!

Watching and spotting birds

If you’re into bird watching, then here’s the perfect opportunity to spot rare migrant birds. You’re bound to spot plenty of different species of birds during your stay in a Sri Lanka luxury villa, a visit to this national park also means witnessing numerous water birds.

Safari rides

Yala is well known for the extensive wildlife it houses, and the safari rides around Yala are adventurous and exciting as it gives you an authentic and real experience into the existence of animals in their natural habitat. To ensure you witness the inhabitants of Yala, you may need to carefully choose the best time to visit.

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AdbarTourism Yala National ParkCC BY-SA 3.0

A walk on the beach

An opportunity to enjoy the fresh breeze and relax with the sounds of waves crashing in the background. If you opt to stay in a place such as Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, you can travel to the parts of the coastal stretch in Yala that is open to the public for a peaceful and serene walk!

Sandy beach with a rocky outcrop in sea side
AdbarPatanangala Rock Yala National ParkCC BY-SA 3.0

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