Decorated by numerous buildings that resemble the brilliant mind of architect John Nash, Langham Place is one of the more iconic and popular streets that would come across in the city of Westminster. Therefore a stay at a London apartment hotel would be ideal from where one could begin exploring each of the intriguing sights of this street. Citadines St Marks London which provides London short stay apartments is an option that must be thought of and included on one’s travel itinerary.

All Souls Church found at the top of Regent Street will be a good place to start your journey. The unmistakable circular portico which is made complete with a stone spire would be one of the sights that will be hard to miss. The sacred premises is the last surviving building that was designed by John Nash and visitors will be able to learn of its history beginning from its consecration in 1824. The Broadcasting House of the BBC which is its headquarters is a work of art. Built during the 1930s it resembles features of the art deco style and is a marvellous place. Amongst all grand hotels in London, the Langham Hotel which was constructed between 1863 and 1865 is arguably one of the finest of its kind, bathed in rich tradition. When journeying through Langham Place be prepared to be awed by examples of history, tradition and culture that would make for a memorable experience.

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