To the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island, surrounded by the pristine blue waters of Lake Wakatipu, lies the glorious town of Queenstown. With a breathtaking view of the snow-covered mountain tops of these exquisite Southern Alps and spectacular sceneries around town, Queenstown has become a favorite location of film producers where movies such as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy & X-men Origins Wolverine were filmed in some of the most amazing natural settings framing the city.

Queenstown has long been considered a favorite sporting arena for the adventure-loving traveler, and its stellar track record boasted an impressive roster of no less than 220 adventure activities in 2012 alone. Among the many other tourist attractions in Queenstown, the Onsen hot pools can be listed under the top five “must-visit places” in a travellers checklist, and they provide a welcome respite that is ideal for an session of welcome physical and mental relaxation.

Occupying a bird’s eye viewpoint on a high cliff side, these unique natural heated pools can accommodate up to 4 adults at one point and the water of the pools is controlled according to the temperature of the day, which means that it will be hot when it’s snowing, warm when it’s raining, and cool when it’s sunny. Although it sounds counterintuitive, this will allow you to time your visit just right, and it becomes a popular getaway during the winter months. The specialty of the pools is that with a touch of a button, you can open or close the retractable picture windows and get the feel of an indoor and outdoor depending on what you feel like.

In addition, you will get the chance to indulge in some magical romantic packages. The Candle Light package and surprise your loved one with a private pool room lit up with candles from the walls to the floors. Or, try the Indulgence Pack experience which features one water bottle, two towels, a bowl of seasonal fruits, an aromatherapy burner and two complimentary glasses of champagne to host the happy occasion.

Savor every moment of Queenstown by residing in a Queenstown hotel where you are guaranteed to be swept off your feet with the warm hospitality and amazing backdrops. The immaculate beauty of nature, state-of-the-art facilities and gastronomical delights that any luxury hotel Queenstown has to offer you will surely leave sweet memories for a lifetime. The Millennium Hotel Queenstown is a luxury hotel welcoming its guests to experience the best in hospitality and facilities bound by timeless elegance.


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