Beijing is such a historical city with so much heritage and culture that spanned centuries out there on display for you to explore. If you are staying locally at a Beijing hotel, here are some of the historical landmarks you can’t afford to miss.

Image by: jplenio  via pixabay | CC0


The Forbidden City

The grand imperial city is exactly that; a spectacle. Located in the city centre, the Chinese emperors made this their home since 1420. The golden roofs and the bright red walls make it hard to miss, if you see it during the winter it is exactly what a picture postcard looks like.

Temple of Heaven

The place of worship of the Ming and Qing Dynasty emperors, Tiantan Park as it is known is one of the most beautiful temples that are open to the public. Explore the entire park, it takes no more than an hour and there is so much landscaping beauty to see you will want to spend much longer there.

The Ming Tombs

The tombs in the Changping district, are the final resting place of 13 emperors, 23 empresses, 30 concubines, 2 princes and a eunuch.

The Old Summer Palace

It’s just 30 minutes from Pan Pacific Beijing to the Old Summer Palace. It was the summer residence of the royal family with a garden that Victor Hugo called, “the thousand and one dreams of the thousand and one nights.


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