If you have found your choice from one of the many hotels in Doha, your next order of business will be considering what sort of transport would best suit you and whoever you happen to be travelling with.

Francisco Anzola, Doha skyline in the morning (12544910974), CC BY 2.0

The bus company Karwa Public Bus is a government-run national service. It offers comfortable and environmentally friendly transport all around the city with timetables displayed on bus stops. There’s a bus every 15 minutes to half an hour. You will have to purchase a card called the Karwa Smartcard which can be bought at bus stations and supermarkets.

Car & Motorbike
You can either rent a car with a driver from your hotel like Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli, or you can rent it from car-for-hire brands and at the airport. While parking is not a problem, you need to be aware that driving in Doha can be a bit hectic. So be prepared for such things.

There’s a good taxi system in place and Ubers are popular. However, taxis don’t run on meters often so its best to ask about prices and know the running rate before getting in. Generally, a taxi journey costs QR4 and an additional QR1.60 or QR1.80 per kilometre. Waiting time would amount to about QR 8 for fifteen minutes.