Though the food culture in Abu Dhabi today has some western influences, deep down, the locals savour traditional food in their homes the food that they share is called the Emirati Cuisine. Read on to know more about staple dishes consumed in this part of the world.

Rice dishes

Rice-based dishes are a staple in Emirati cuisine, some of them being brought to the UAE from India such as Biriyani and ghee rice, you can find different variants of rice-based dishes around restaurants and resort properties the likes of Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort.

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Many say that UAE is the birthplace of this staple dish; shawarma made by wrapping roasted meat with freshly chopped vegetables and sauces in a flatbread. This dish is so popular that you could find stalls that sell shawarma at almost all busy streets around Abu Dhabi.

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Camel Meat

Don’t be intrigued by the title! Camel meat is widely consumed in the UAE and in fact, it is a way of honouring the animal. Camel meat is rich in nutrients such as proteins and healthy fatty acids.


Tea and coffee are the two staple beverages consumed across UAE and of course in Abu Dhabi, both the Arabic versions of tea and coffee are more fragrant and flavourful that the other varieties that you have tasted around the globe that is because the people here only consume the finest blends of tea and coffee. If you are stationed at a resort in Abu Dhabi you and relish a unique tea or coffee tasing experience.

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