Think there’s nothing much to offer when it comes to nightlife in Maldives? If you do, how wrong you are! Below, you will find some truly distinctive things to do as night descends.

Maldives Night Time
Nattu from Male’, Maldives, Fun Island Resort, Maldives, CC BY 2.0

Dining & Entertainment
While you can begin the evening with some sundowners by the beach, as the stars come out to play, you can look forward to fine dining by the ocean or a romantic dinner on the shore. Resorts such as Dhigali Maldives even offer night-time entertainment options like outdoor movie screenings.

Night Snorkelling
For something truly special, consider some post-sunset exploration as you try night snorkelling in Maldives! Resort packages can be found at properties that provide this novel experience along with UW camera rentals; some have the option to use FLUO night lights which offer a whole new perspective of nocturnal marine life.

Night Diving
Of course, apart from snorkelling, you can also explore the deep on a night diving excursion at places like the Raa Atoll! Making use of a UW lamp or a FLUO lamp and mask, you can witness all manner of fascinating marine creatures be it parrotfish, manta rays, nurse sharks, moray eels, octopus or turtles.

Sunset Cruises
While this activity begins when there’s light, it can end with a romantic journey under a star-studded sky. A sunset cruise makes a perfect romantic experience as you share in the magical views and may even spot dolphins; you can toast to your eternal love and witness as another enchanting night descends on paradise.