The Maldives is home to some of the most stunning coral reefs on the planet. These reefs while beautiful and unique, have an integral role to play in the marine ecosystem, keeping our oceans healthy.

Image via piqsels

Why Helping Coral Reefs is So Important

Coral reefs have been dubbed the ‘rainforests of the ocean’ as they are home to around 25% of all the marine species found on the planet, despite only covering a mere 1% of the ocean. Apart from this incredible biodiversity, coral reefs yield many benefits to humans as well from protecting our shorelines to even ensuring food security.

Reef Structure

There are predominantly two different types of corals – hard or soft corals. A combination of both these corals is evident in most reefs, and particularly so in those found in the vicinity of the Emboodhoo Lagoon area. A guide can be designated, for those staying at a hotel such as Hard Rock Hotel Maldives, along with a scuba dive session, to enable guests to witness the splendour of these corals.

Planting a Reef

Before coral propagation, the site of the coral nursery is of the utmost importance. Various factors such as depth of water, the existing reef structure and wave impact must be considered. Some resorts feature coral propagation programmes and give guests a chance to find out more about what’s being done.

The Many Benefits of a Coral Garden

Apart from the dire need to counter the impacts of pollution and climate change, planting corals can also be a lot of fun; it additionally helps strengthen the bonds within the coastal community and can create a new form of income as an eco-tourism opportunity.