Located in China, Chengdu is a city referred to as the “heavenly state”, housing many attractions from ancient temples and towns to parks and natural reserves. Chengdu is also famous for its relaxed and laid back lifestyle. Thus with so much to explore a holiday in Chengdu will be very fruitful.

Although football was introduced to China in the late 20th century it plays a great role now in the economy and the education of its people. They have embraced football wholeheartedly and it has become one of the major sports played in China. When talking of football in China, Chengdu Sports Centre is a place which cannot be ignored.

Chengdu Sports Centre located in the Qinyang district is an internationally famous football area. It was built in 1991 and was in the spotlight when it hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2007. The stadium of this remarkable sports centre can accommodate a crowd of 40,000.

The Chengdu Sports Centre is home to the Chengdu Blades, a famous football team in China.

Football is not the only sport played at the Chengdu Sports Centre. It is a multi-purpose sports stadium.

If you are visiting the city, sampling the famous mouth watering Sichuan cuisine is a must. While you enjoy the food a little bit of shopping and a tantalising cup of tea could make you feel even better.

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