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Reviving Vitality through Ayurweda 

Ayurveda is currently taking the world by storm as an alternative form of medicine, and people in the western world are flocking to countries in the east to take part in Ayurvedic treatments. History Ayurveda involves a variety of techniques that form a system which…

Thailand, Wellness

Thai Spa Treatments 

Thailand is celebrated for its various spa treatments and massages that ease muscles and soothe the senses with a variety of techniques and herbal remedies. So sought-after are these highly specialised treatments, that most Bangkok resorts have their own special spa treatments, like the Anantara…


Panchakarma Treatments 

Sri Lanka, a beautiful tropical island nation, is one of South Asia’s most fascinating tourist destinations. With a rich heritage dating back to over 2500 years and a multi-cultural and multi ethnic society, and attractions such as the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, the Dambulla Cave Temple,…


Reasons to Have a Spa Bath 

Spa Baths date back to Roman Times and today, this ancient concept has been revolutionised by technology. Modern Spa Baths use heated water and air jets and was originally used as a hydrotherapeutic massage to alleviate arthritic pain. Spas have become an essential in modern…