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Bhutan Travel Tips 

Sometimes referred to as “The Last Shangri-La” Bhutan lies tucked away in the Himalayas, seemingly lost in time. One of the best ways to explore this enchanting country is to stay at a Bhutan hotel that lets you experience both its natural and cultural heritage. Uma Bhutan…


Abu Dhabi’s Man Made Islands 

Abu Dhabi is a country with man-made wonders. Once you reserve a centrally located hotel in Abu Dhabi, you can explore the city with ease. Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi is a popular option of accommodation Abu Dhabi has in store for its visitors. To make…


Lonubo Island 

Set amidst the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and home to a pristine beach bathed in glorious coastal sunshine, Lonubo Island offers the perfect getaway in the Maldives. Those looking for Maldives island resorts that offer access to this enchanting isle can stay at…


Central Jakarta 

Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta is a Jakarta Hotel with elegance and class embedded to all the services provided. Many Jakarta hotel deals are from this hotel, which makes it easy and affordable for all the guests. The economy of the city is mainly categories in…


The Grand Palace in Bangkok 

Few destinations within Thailand are as popular as its capital, Bangkok. Renowned for its shopping and nightlife, Bangkok is an interesting blend of historic and futuristic. Here one will find modern buildings jostling for attention with ancient temples; historic roads leading to more modern ones….


Summer Palace 

The Summer Palace or the Garden of Clear Ripples was established in 1750 by the Qing Emperor as a luxurious royal garden for the royal family to relax in and have a peaceful time. However it underwent many changes throughout the years. Certain parts of…