Nestled in the Riau Archipelago, Bintan Island emerges as a hidden gem, boasting stunning beaches and a plethora of family-friendly activities that beckon exploration. With its serene landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and a tapestry of cultural richness, Bintan sets the stage for an unforgettable family vacation. In this Bintan family guide, you will discover the secrets of this tropical paradise, as you are guided through the must-visit attractions, exciting adventures, and tranquil retreats that cater to every member of the family.

Beach Fun

Begin your family adventure with sun-soaked beach days at enchanting shores such as Lagoi Bay Beach, where the golden sands invite little ones to engage in delightful sandcastle building. Explore the pristine coastline of Trikora Beach for a serene beachcombing experience, discovering treasures washed ashore by the tides. Dive into the clear waters of Nirwana Gardens Beach, where gentle waves create a perfect playground for the kids to frolic, ensuring laughter and joy under the sun. As the children immerse themselves in the sea, find your own oasis of relaxation along the shores of Pantai Purnama, where the tranquil ambience offers a serene backdrop for unwinding and making the most of your Bintan retreat.

Water Sports Extravaganza

Dive into the island’s thrilling water sports scene. Enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkelling with your little adventurers. There are ample opportunities for both beginners and experienced water sports enthusiasts.

Mangrove Tours

Bintan Island
Bintan Island – Image via Flickr

Immerse your family in Bintan’s rich mangrove forests. Head to the Sebung River for a Mangrove Discovery Tour, where expert guides lead you through winding waterways, offering insights into the importance of mangroves in maintaining biodiversity. Alternatively, the Bintan Mangrove Discovery Tour at Telaga Punggur takes you on a captivating journey, allowing kids to spot exotic wildlife such as monkeys and colourful birds.

Where to Stay

One of the best places to stay on Bintan Island with your family is undoubtedly a Bintan Island resort. Hotels such as The Residence Bintan offer an array of family-centric amenities, including spacious rooms, pools, and kids’ clubs.