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A Tourist Guide to Sigiriya – Palace in the Skies

Sri Lanka is a beautiful little island in the Indian Ocean which is home to numerous treasures. One such highly accredited historical monument is Sigiriya. Declared as a UNESCO world heritage site the rock fortress is located in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka.

Being a key tourist attraction, the area surely has many accommodation options. From a camp site to a Hotel. In Sigiriya given the thick forests surrounding it , many hotels and resorts aim to make them eco friendly. One of the highly recommended places to stay in this part of the country is Hotel Sigiriya. Designed to incorporate every bit of nature around the hotel the hotel aims to be sustainable as possible and the accommodation in itself is designed to create the utmost comfort.

Referred to as the eighth wonder of the world by locals, the rock fortress was built by one of the kings of Sri Lanka , Kashyapa, around thousand six hundred years ago .After killing his father to secure the throne this fortress was his hiding place , in order to escape enemy invasions he built a moat around the rock. However the highlight of the rock is the frescos found in the cave , the paintings were done using natural dyes such as plant extracts and honey, it is also believed the paintings are of the five hundred maidens of Kashyapa.

Another key feature on the rock is the mirror wall, where one can find numerous poems written by the king himself on a polished surface similar to a marble or mirror as its name suggests. The lion’s paw is one of the other key feature in Sigiriya which leads to the summit of the rock. The fortress has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of Sri Lanka’s most treasured historical monuments. There are several other activities to do around Sigiriya such as the wild life safaris, and elephant back rides and many others.

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