Yoga has become a lifestyle today, but only a few follow the real yoga practices. Yoga is all about creating energy within you and using it. This cannot be done if a proper environment is not formed.

The class setup
This is about where the instructor is positioned, and where the students are! The setting of the class itself should be neat and tidy and it should not distract the minds. A proper setting allows energy to flow and it helps you calm down quickly.

The use of incense
Some yoga classes use them, but some don’t. It’s all nice and pleasant to have that beautiful aroma inside the yoga class, but it can be unpleasant if the smoke remains.

Have you ever taken part in yoga retreats in Sri Lanka carried out by Heritance Ayurveda and similar properties? They use nice and soft background music when the sessions are going on. According to the experts, that brings deeper relaxation.

Your clothes
You would never think that your outlook can have an impact on the overall energy you obtain through yoga. Would you? But it does, and this why you should always dress comfortably before starting your yoga session.