Rejuvenating the body and mind in Thailand – Revive and revitalize yourself!

Thailand is certainly an ultimate tourist destination that offers its guests a lot of exciting things to do and see. There is something for everyone in Thailand. If you are visiting here to unwind, relax and rejuvenate yourself here are four things you could do here.

Thai Massage

Unlike western massage therapies, Thai massages focus on pressure points on body and blood circulation. The treatments usually start from your feet and finishes at your head. The massage sessions often comprise of rolling of limbs, rhythmic compressions and gentle rocking. You could experience amazing Thai massage therapies at the spas at most of the Chiang Rai hotels the likes of Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort.


This is a collection of spiritual, physical and mental practices that originated in India. Yoga today has made its way to Thailand all the way from India and it is becoming one of the best wellness experiences in Thailand. There is a number of places in Thailand that offer classes for tourists which are conducted by experienced Gurus. You could visit any of them to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Cupping therapy

Cupping is a traditional therapy that has a number of proven advantages on one’s body. It is also proven that it cures a number of bodily ailments and certainly contributes to mental and physical wellbeing. The treatments are done using bamboo or glass suction cups placed on the body which will relieve blood vessels and help to promote blood flow to vital organs.

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Like cupping therapy this is also an alternative medicine which has originated in China. You could join in for Acupuncture at many centres in Thailand today. Thought the effects of this practice aren’t scientifically proven, one would certainly feel the difference of your body dramatically increases in energy once the treatment is over.

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Amongst Nature – Golden Triangle Elephant Camp Experience

The highlight of a visit to Thailand for many, especially to the north of the country, is encounters with elephants. Many discerning visitors do not want simply to visit a camp where the elephants are not the number one priority. At the Golden Triangle Elephant Camp in Chiang Saen Chiang Rai, visitors can enjoy elephants that are well looked after and where mahouts are taught just the right touches to command an elephant.

The Golden Triangle Elephant Camp started off as a traditional mahout village in 2003 and developed into a fully fledged elephant camp and as a refuge for street elephants with more than 25 elephants of all ages and genders, including babies born in the camp. The camp also supports 60 people whose lives are intertwined with those of the elephants.

Visitors can have both learning and fun experiences here. One of the unforgettable learning experiences is mahout training. As a trainee mahout, visitors get to learn the basics of how to guide an elephant with the use of special verbal commands and light prods behind the year. Bonding with the animal by feeding and bathing is an important part of the training. Once the training is complete, trainees are expected to guide an elephant along jungle paths sitting on its neck, help at feed time and take part in bathing the animal that involves getting very wet indeed.

Getting to know about the many projects being carried out to improve the lot of these animals then joining the resident vet to carry out an elephant health check and ending the day feeding and bathing elephants is an excellent opportunity to get really close to these animals. Fun family activities include trekking through bamboo groves on the back of an elephant taking in the natural beauty of the area, practicing yoga poses with an elephant, dinning at the baby elephant camp, an unforgettable experience for children, going on a picnic on an elephant in true safari style and playing polo with the animals. Taking a sunset elephant trek to the top of a mountain with gorgeous views spread out below and having a romantic candle lit dinner for two will be a very special experience for many people.

For anyone interested in everything to do with these majestic creatures, Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand is the ‘must go to’ place. Not only does this hotel Chiang Rai offer a range of such experiences but it also offers some of the best accommodation, dining and leisure experiences in the area. Stay at one of favourite Chiang Rai hotels to have truly exceptional holiday experiences.

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Longtail Boat Trips in Golden Triangle – Experience the Wonders of Thailand

There are many aspects about Thailand that are unique and beautiful, and this is primarily why a large number of visitors are drawn to this magnificent nation. From its culture and history, to the day-to-day lifestyle of its people, there is so much to experience in the country that visitors will find nowhere else in the world. It is truly an interesting country to explore as there is much diversity to be enjoyed. For visitors looking for a place to head over to where they can relax amidst beautiful settings, there are several places in Thailand they can consider. One such interesting area to visit for a vacation is the Golden Triangle.

The Golden Triangle gets its name from being the point where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet. In some parts of this area, visitors will be able to witness scenery from all three countries, each lush and beautiful, showcasing its culture. There are many adventures for visitors to embark on in the area, as there is much to see and do, and one of the most exciting ways to explore the Golden Triangle is by a ride on a longtail boat trip along the beautiful river Mekong. The iconic longtail boats are seen all across Thailand and provide an experience that visitors to the nation must try out. They have a banana-like shape and will provide an exciting journey for those onboard.

Along the way, visitors will be able to visit many sites, some natural, and some manmade, along the banks of Thailand. They can stop at interesting places such as Chiang Khong, where giant catfish are found, and the famous Opium Museum. Visitors will enjoy a stop-over at the countryside to enjoy a tranquil lunch, surrounded by greenery and picturesque sites. On their ride along the country-sides of the three countries, they will come across various sites that will provide fantastic photo opportunities, and this boat ride will definitely be a highlight of the Thai holiday, from where lovely memories can be taken back.

When selecting Chiang Rai Hotels visitors will especially enjoy staying in a Hotel Chiang Rai that offers spectacular views of all three countries within the Golden Triangle. One such site that offers a unique experience surrounded by nature is the well-loved Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand.