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Oman and Its Culture – So much to Experience!

There’s something about Omani culture that draw’s in people from all across the world. With so much to see, experience and discover, let’s look at some key insights into Omani culture.

1) Food

Central Omani cuisine is rice. Generally, the first meal of the day isn’t considered that important and often consists of either leftover from the day before or bread and tea. It is the early or mid-afternoon meal that is the most important of the day. This mostly is made of a large portion of rice along with a thin tomato and meat sauce.

2) Etiquette

A notable thing about Omani’s is that they are formal and extremely polite. When meeting, formulaic greetings must first be exchanged before one can begin a discussion. Anything different is considered rude. When you’re in Oman, luxury resorts can be found all around for accommodation, such as the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort for example.

3) Art

Omani’s have a long history of being involved in arts and crafts. While this is in decline today, various attempts at reinvigorating them are seen. Notable crafts include handmade silver and gold jewellery, swords, woven baskets and paintings.

4) Literature

Omani literature was solely confined to those of religious treatises and histories in the past. Today however various publications of fiction and poetry can be seen and are encouraged by the people.

Fritzjames Stephen is a travel writer, who writes content based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life. Google+

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