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Gyeongbokung Palace – a marvellous edifice

Found in the northern part of Seoul, Gyeongbokung Palace built in 1395 served as the premier palace of the Five Grand Palaces that were constructed during the time of the Joseon Dynasty. A popular hotspot for those choosing to holiday in Seoul, the palace offers valuable insights into the past and can be reached by staying at a Seoul apartment in the vicinity. Select a serviced apartment Seoul has to offer at Somerset Palace Seoul.

Having been subject to many restoration efforts during its illustrious history, the palace comprises of numerous parts which were used by the kings and queens of old. Geunjeongjeon also referred to as the throne hall was where the king greeted foreign leaders and gave judgment on matters of national importance. The Royal Banquet Hall made of stone and wood is yet another imposing feature of the palace and offers visitors a glimpse of how royalty once functioned. Additionally the decorative walls of Jagyeongjeon which was the quarters of the King’s mother can be viewed in all its glory. However one must take time to call at the impressive Taewonjeon which is an ancient shrine dedicated to the founder of the Jodeon Dynasty; King Taejo. It was here where many rituals were performed in remembrance of the deceased members of royalty. If heading over to Seoul with the family, why not choose to head over to Gyeongbokung Palace, bathed in rich symbolisms of a bygone time.

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