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Elephants in Thailand – Gentle Giants of Asia

The elephants found in Thailand are the “Indian” elephants (that is a sub -species of the Asian Elephant). Unlike the regular Indian elephants, Thai elephants have shorter legs and thicker skin compared to their Indian relatives.


Elephants have played quite a significant role in Thai society since the early ages. They were used mainly for their strength and intelligence, where they helped to hall logs and other building material through forests. Male elephants that were more aggressive were chosen as War elephants and used during times of war by great Thai Kings. Later, elephants were trained by professionals called “Mahouts” – who are still used to this date to follow certain commands by means of voice and sharp pointed spears.


Due to their diet, the natural habitat of Thai elephants is in the tropical forests of the Northern and Western parts of the island. Located about an hour’s drive from Chiang Rai, the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort lets you view these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Get to play and connect with elephants at one of the award-winning Chiang Rai hotels in Thailand.

Cultural Significance

Elephants in Thailand are considered very important culturally. Many elephant references have been made on art works, literature and even national emblems. Thailand predominantly being a Buddhist country, believe that elephants are sacred. Many paintings in the Thai Royal Palace have them drawn on their walls. Even the Royal Thai flag has a symbol of the white elephant on it.

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