Zambia is one of the best locations you can head to for the quintessential African safari experience. From the misty savannah morning to the sounds of roaring lions at dusk, here are some of the highlights you can look forward to on your Zambian safari.


The Sunrise over the rolling hills of the savannah is not a sight you’ll want to miss out on. During this time the morning mist will spread across the grassland, blanketing it and creating the visage of angelic haven. In the distance, the low hum of elephant herds and the calls of songbirds will slowly start to serenade you. If you’re lucky enough to stay at a major Livingstone hotel near a nature reserve – for example, the Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara – be sure to set off before the crack of dawn to take in all these sights and sounds.

Image Credit: Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara

The Watering Hole

A trip to the resident waterhole is a sure-fire way of seeing some wildlife, regardless of the time of day. Every denizen of the savannah, be it large or small, needs to have a drink and so they will invariably show up here. Some of the best moments occur when the great elephant herds show up for their daily drink and bath – no animal will dare get in their way.

The Great Herds

One of the most iconic images associated with Africa’s wilds is the great herds of wildebeest and zebra that roam the open grasslands. These grazers form huge groups to find safety in numbers from predators and it makes for quite the awe-inspiring sight.

The Hunt

Undoubtedly, the most exciting thing you can see out in Zambia’s wilds is a thrilling hunt. Some of the largest and most powerful predators in the world stalk the African wilderness. From ferocious lion prides to giant hyena clans – being able to witness these awesome creatures chase after and take down prey is among the greatest sights you’ll ever see out in the bush.