Streets a buzz with people going about their lives and vehicles whizzing past on the way to their destination, Hong Kong is simply bursting with energy! The dynamic allure of this destination is certainly one of the reasons why many travellers are attracted to Hong Kong, but in order to convince you to visit on your next holiday, here are a few more reasons.

Malls and Markets | img via flickr

The Best of Both Worlds

While Hong Kong officially belongs to the Chinese Republic, the country was a British colony for over a century. This means that Hong Kong is a destination where the east meets the west and tourists can enjoy the best of both cultural influences in a single location. From its local delicacies to shopping venues and heritage sites, Chinese and colonial elements blend together beautifully.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Whether you’re based at Park Hotel Hong Kong or any other Kowloon hotel in Hong Kong, tourists are never far from the gastronomic hotspots of the island. Home to the world’s most affordable Michelin-star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, the sheer diversity of Hong Kong’s culinary landscapes is truly staggering. From digging into egg tarts and stinky tofu and fish balls to enjoying a cup of milk tea, there are too many unforgettable food experiences to pass up.

The Malls and Markets

A shopaholic’s dream, Hong Kong’s retail outlets are vast and impressive. From malls and department stores such as Pacific Place and IFC Mall to Elements, the choices are endless for those who love global brands such as Chanel, Hermès and Gucci. The street bazaars in the county include the Temple Street Night Market and the Ladies Market where shoppers can bargain for the best price.

The Hiking Hotspots

Did you know that two-thirds of Hong Kong consists of lush greenery? This includes national parks with mountainous hiking trails for the hikers out there. Experience the greener side of Hong Kong by embarking on an easy hike on the most popular trails, Lion Rock Country Park and Dragon’s Back.