Once you travel 23km away from Sydney, you find the 6th largest city in Australia, Parramatta city. It’s home to over 150,000 people and is indeed a great place to visit.

The history of Parramatta

It’s believed that Parramatta is the second settlement established in Australia. In 1788, Captain Arthur Philip discovered this fertile land area and then, the settlements were established by the base of the river.

Nick-D, Parramatta River at Parramatta CBD July 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

Parramatta attractions

Today, Parramatta is also a tourist destination. In addition to the river, the park in which you find the residential building used by Governor Arthur and the Farmers Markets are worth exploring. You may also head to Chinatown in Parramatta to enjoy a wide variety of street food.

Shopping in Parramatta

The most popular shopping centre in the city is Westfield’s Parramatta. You find over 6000 shops inside including huge department stores like Kmart, Target, and David and Myers. This shopping venue also provides great dining facilities and entertainment facilities.

Staying in Parramatta

Any hotel in Parramatta Sydney will offer you great accommodation and dining facilities. There are many great options such as PARKROYAL Paramatta for all your solo, family, or official stays.