Mauritius is all about adventure and tropical allures. Jump off cliff-tops into shimmering pools, explore lava caves and swim in refreshing lakes or take it easy and bask on a gorgeous beach.

Black River Gorges National Park
Black River Gorges National Park |Image Credit : Adamina, Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius, CC BY 2.0

Deep sea fishing

When in Mauritius, one should not miss trying out an exhilarating activity like deep sea fishing. You will witness huge species of fishes such as black and blue marlin, different varieties of barracuda and yellow tuna. Most of the 5 star hotels in Mauritius the likes of The Residence Mauritius by Cenizaro provide facilities to have a memorable deep sea fishing experience.

Discover Black River Gorges National Park

This is the jumping off point for most of the trails taken along the Plaine Champagne route. It is quite easy to access the main lookout points of this park which is home to a variety of wildlife. Plenty of trails are found close by for exploring the stunning surroundings with the most popular being Parakeet Trail, Gollum Trail, and Bell Ombre Trail, amongst many more.

Ilot Fourneau

Ilot Fourneau is an offshore island to which you can walk at low tide. This is quite an experience as you trek through the water with the stunning Le Morne Barbant in the background. Trek along the rocky shore of the island and you can navigate its circumference. The experience is almost dreamlike as you wade across the lagoon.

Explore the Roche Noire Lava Tubes

Head over to Roche Noire and you will discover a network of lava tubes that represent freshwater springs as well as caves carved into the rock face. Explore these networks and you will be amazed at the interiors with flowing water and narrow passageways which give way to dark sheltered caverns.

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