Has “work, eat, sleep, repeat” coupled with a good dose of stress become your daily routine? In that case, it’s high time you start planning a wellness retreat!

Img by: Kaya Sri Lanka

Destination is Key

It’s important that your destination of choice be conducive for a wellness retreat as well as being one that you are comfortable with. For example, in Sri Lanka, wellness resort options can be found by the beach which makes an ideal setting, while a wellness centre in the mountains offers a wholly different experience.

Set Your Goals

You should be clear on what exactly you want to achieve through this retreat; it can be just chilling on the beach, indulging in spa treatments, trying meditation and yoga or engaging in active pursuits. Integrated medical centres such as Kaya Sri Lanka offer added benefits for you to choose from be it weight loss programmes, personalised health assessments or specialised clinics.

Think Long Term

You should not treat a health retreat as a quick or one-off experience. If you need a long break, ensure you spend adequate time at your retreat and plan to incorporate certain practices once back home. This could be everything from eating healthy to adding some yoga to your daily routine.

Who to Go With!

When planning your retreat also consider who you want to go with. Sometimes you may want to plan a trip with your partner or a close friend and enjoy a shared wellness experience. However, you may also just need some “me time” as part of an individual journey to find inner peace.



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