We all know Sydney as a city filled with beaches, good vibes, vibrant culture, and classy restaurants. But Sydney also can confuse you once in a while, especially if you are new to it.

Image by: Walkerssk via pixabay | CC0

It’s a walkable city

Yes, Sydney is a big city but it’s also a compact city. From any hotel in Parramatta Sydney, exploring the Sydney Harbour Bridge and even the Luna Park by Milsons Point are things that can be done by foot.

It’s not always a sun-seekers’ destination

Sydney has a global reputation as a sun-seekers’ destination, but the weather can sometimes go wild and disappoint you- and always expect this. Check the weather forecast before you start the day, and that will benefit you.

Venues do shut early for real

In Sydney, it’s not an uncommon thing to see shops and restaurants getting closed at 09.30 in the night. So, the wisest tip is to have dinner from the hotel you stay in, especially if you stay at a hotel the likes of PARKROYAL Paramatta.

The Wi-Fi conditions

Staying connected with your friends and family when you are in Sydney is not at all a problem because it has got you covered. There are enough and more Wi-Fi hotspots that you can find in this great city.