Come and step into another world amidst modern and cosmopolitan Dubai when you explore any one of Dubai’s world-famous souks! Read on to uncover what you can expect to find in a traditional souq.

Imre Solt creator QS:P170,Q57986264, Dubai Gold Souk on 9 May 2007 Pict 4, CC BY-SA 3.0

Visiting Dubai

Dubai is one of the most exciting emirates in the United Arab Emirates and has so much to offer those who visit it. With plenty of great 4 star hotels in Dubai such as the likes of Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel Dubai, there’s always accommodation to suit one’s requirements and budget!

What is a Souq?

The word “souq” means market in Arabic and this is essentially what a souq is. The souqs of Dubai are part and parcel of the tapestry of its trading practices. Owing to Dubai’s unique and strategic location along the ancient trading routes, many souqs formed over time as places of trade.

Uncover Local Treasure

Many souqs offer the most incredible and exotic finds from Asia and the Middle East. From fragrant teas, exotic spices, and lush silks to lustrous gold, the alleyways of souqs are teeming with eager merchants who are very keen to make a sale!

Must-Visit Souqs

The famous Deira Gold Souq is located alongside Dubai Creek and is a must-visit whether or not you’re in the market to purchase gold. Around the corner in the Deira neighbourhood is the Spice Souq which is an explosion of sights, sounds and smells and is a must-visit souq as well!